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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

"The series of profile portraits show the subjects at an angle they rarely see themselves from, but everyone else see them like this on a daily basis. The sitters say that this is an unflattering view but that in itself is a fascinating angle on how we perceive ourselves compared to how others see us.

These are everyday people, friends and acquaintances, who individually and collectively contribute to making my life what it is.

The gold paintings with the black and white segments are of a contemporary dancer and portray how the same image can be viewed in different styles simultaneously. The gold is warmer and less realistic, contrasted with the black and white which is starker and more realistic. Had they been painted either gold or black and white they would have a completely different atmosphere to them.

The neo-classical sepia toned hands with draped cloth portray how it is possible to convey emotion within the context of paintings that are not portraits. Hands are a very expressive part of the body and within this series there is strength, gentleness and tension alongside the serenity and sexuality within the folds of the cloth. A Kiwi told me how much he liked these because the female body represents the land and the cloth represents the water that flows around and through it, nourishing it, then in return it nourishes us."

- Neil McIrvine 2006

I have had no formal training in art, but have been blessed with what I call “A Gift”.
Call it what you will, I believe it's a thing you can't be taught, you either have it or you don't.
Everyone on this earth has a gift, it can be writing, dancing, football, athletics,
any one of hundreds of things, but it's Art for me ... follow your own gift.

I am happily married to Tracey, and live and work in Melbourne, Australia -a fantastic place to live.

All of my paintings are oil on canvas or linen.

Neil McIrvine

Neil McIrvine

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Vesna said...

and a gift he has...thank you dear J(A)-(Z)Z for this beauty


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